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The Gospel of Matthew tells the story of Jesus the Messiah whose signal genealogy and miraculous birth are the sign and promise that "God is with us" (1:23). Jesus the Messiah proclaims God's continuing righteous reign in his words of blessing and deeds of healing. Jesus calls his followers to experience God's mercy anew, constitutes them as a new community of faith, and then, as crucified and resurrected Messiah, claims all power and authority as he commissions these disciples for mission with the promise that he will be with them until the end of the age (28:18-20).

Rich Jones - Associate Pastor
Speaker Rich Jones — Associate Pastor

Weekend Messages

Matthew 1:18-25 When the Way Is Unclear Samuel Wilson 2/25/2018 View
Matthew 2:1-11 Head Toward Jesus Samuel Wilson 3/4/2018 View
Matthew 2:13-23 Living for Jesus Samuel Wilson 3/11/2018 View
Matthew 3:1-17 Tell the World Samuel Wilson 4/8/2018 View
Matthew 4:1-11 There is a Way Out Samuel Wilson 4/15/2018 View
Matthew 4:12-22 Let There Be Light Samuel Wilson 4/22/2018 View
Mathew 5:1-4 Make Your Life Available Samuel Wilson 4/29/2018 View
Matthew 5:5-7 Trust Him in the Process Samuel Wilson 5/6/2018 View
Matthew 5:8-12 It Will Be Worth It All Samuel Wilson 5/20/2018 View
Matthew 5:13-16 Who He Says You Are Samuel Wilson 5/27/2018 View
Matthew 5:17-20 Stay on Course Samuel Wilson 6/24/2018 View
Matthew 5:21-26 Stop the Madness Samuel Wilson 7/1/2018 View
Matthew 5:27-32 Where It All Begins Samuel Wilson 7/8/2018 View
Matthew 5:33-37 Walking with Integrity Samuel Wilson 7/15/2018 View
Matthew 5:38-42 Responding Radically Well Samuel Wilson 7/22/2018 View
Matthew 5:43-48 Love Without A Limit Samuel Wilson 7/29/2018 View
Matthew 6:1-18 Living for an Audience of One Samuel Wilson 8/5/2018 View
Matthew 6:5-15 Pray in His Way Samuel Wilson 8/12/2018 View
Matthew 6:19-24 Eyes on Eternity Samuel Wilson 8/26/2018 View
Matthew 6:25-34 He Can Handle It Samuel Wilson 9/2/2018 View
Matthew 7:1-5 A New Point of View Samuel Wilson 9/9/2018 View
Matthew 7:7-12 Know Where to Run Samuel Wilson 9/23/2018 View
Matthew 7:13-23 The Choice is Yours Samuel Wilson 10/7/2018 View
Matthew 7:24-29 Building on the Rock Samuel Wilson 10/14/2018 View
Matthew 8:1-4 Get to Jesus Samuel Wilson 10/21/2018 View
Matthew 8:5-13 He's Able Samuel Wilson 10/28/2018 View
Matthew 8:23-27 In the Middle of the Storm Samuel Wilson 11/4/2018 View
Matthew 2:1-12 Worth It All Samuel Wilson 12/23/2018 View
Matthew 9:9-13 No Turning Back Samuel Wilson 1/6/2019 View
Matthew 9:14-17 All Things New Samuel Wilson 1/13/2019 View
Matthew 9:18-26 It's Not Over Samuel Wilson 1/20/2019 View
Matthew 9:35-10:7 Walking with Purpose Samuel Wilson 1/27/2019 View
Matthew 10:24-39 Preparing to Proclaim Samuel Wilson 2/17/2019 View
Matthew 11:1-6 When His Ways Are Higher Samuel Wilson 3/10/2019 View
Matthew 11:28-30 Lay It All Down Samuel Wilson 3/17/2019 View
Matthew 12:22-37 What You Say When You See Samuel Wilson 5/19/2019 View
Matthew 12:38-50 More Than Enough Samuel Wilson 5/26/2019 View
Matthew 13:1-23 Ready to Receive Samuel Wilson 6/2/2019 View
Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43 Known When Grown Samuel Wilson 6/9/2019 View
Matthew 13:31-35 More Than What Meets the Eye Samuel Wilson 7/7/2019 View
Matthew 13:44-51 Answer the Call Samuel Wilson 7/14/2019 View
Matthew 14:13-21 In His Hands Samuel Wilson 7/21/2019 View
Matthew 5:14-16 This Little Light Kasey Sanchez 7/28/2019 View
Matthew 14:22-33 Never Lose Sight Samuel Wilson 8/4/2019 View
Matthew 15:1-11 The Heart of the Matter Samuel Wilson 8/11/2019 View
Matthew 15:21-28 Let Faith Arise Samuel Wilson 8/18/2019 View
Matthew 15:29-38 No Matter Where You Are Samuel Wilson 8/25/2019 View
Matthew 16:1-12 Responding to the Reality Samuel Wilson 9/1/2019 View
Matthew 16:13-20 Who Do You Say He Is Samuel Wilson 10/6/2019 View
Matthew 16:21-27 What It Means to Follow Samuel Wilson 10/13/2019 View
Matthew 17:1-8 Headed in the Right Direction Samuel Wilson 10/20/2019 View
Matthew 17:14-21 Faith for More Samuel Wilson 10/27/2019 View
Matthew 17:22-27 Because Jesus Paid It All Samuel Wilson 11/3/2019 View
Matthew 18:1-14 Culture for the Kingdom Samuel Wilson 11/10/2019 View
Matthew 18:15-20 Whatever It Takes Samuel Wilson 11/17/2019 View
Matthew 18:21-35 Following in Forgiveness Samuel Wilson 11/24/2019 View
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